There is nothing we enjoy more as a company as much as helping the city that we have our roots in. For more than 20 years we have been part of the great city of Chicago and through our trenchless sewer work and water damage restoration, have made the city a better place for thousands of customers. We understand what hard work is and that the people of Chicago appreciate a company that is willing to go to work for them and give them a quality repair service at the lowest price possible.

When it comes to sewer repair, the technique is pretty tricky. Usually, in order to gain access to sewer pipes, especially ones that are very old, you need to dig up tons of dirt, usually in a developed area, which causes a hassle for everyone involved. Once you get to the pipe you need to use patching agents and replacement pipes to fix the problem. All of this while in a huge hole dug by heavy equipment.

Sounds like a lot of work, and work that can be avoided usually trenchless sewer repair. This type of repair does not require that we dig up the area, but rather uses a machine that remotely fixes the pipes. We believe as though this is the best way to circumvent a lot of problems associated with sewer repair and why a lot of people are hesitant to call people to repair their sewer. We hope that this method convinces people to get their sewers repaired sooner rather than later.

The connection between sewers and water damage

Water damage is most often caused by bad plumbing. Depending on the size of the problem, the damage can be large or small, but when sewers are involved, the damage is almost always large. This is why we took our floor restoration and water damage business to the next level as we have seen so many cases of bad sewer causing water damage that we believe that we could do something about it.

Our mission is to use our experience in both sewer and water damage to make sure that your home is protected. That we are able to offer the best combined services in the area for a low price and that people will see that our experience in water damage makes us the best sewer repair company in the great city of Chicago.

Whether it is new or old water damage, whether the sewer has a minor leak or just needs to be updated, there is nothing that we will not do to help protect your home from water damage or fix existing problems. You can be sure that if you call us you are joining a group of customers that has found the company that is happy to go to work for you and promises success every step of the way.